Love at Majnu Ka Tila!

Fall in love with every bite in these hidden bylanes of North Delhi


I believe only real foodies can literally sniff out such hidden gems of gastronomical delights. Named after an Iranian sufi mystic Abdullah nicknamed Majnu during the reign of Sikander Lodhi, Majnu Ka Tila houses the Tibetan Refugee Colony and has some delectable dishes in its narrow winding lanes. Have been there twice already, thanks to my fellow foodie, my brother!

And when I say only real foodies can sniff out such gems, its true because we were part of a Delhi food tour group before we ventured out on our own the next time. Our first stop was a little shack which was serving ‘laping’, a form of Tibetan flat glass noodles smeared in red chilli, can be had dry or soupy in soy sauce. So tasty, you wouldn’t believe it’s pure vegetarian! And so light and delicate, melted in the mouth.


And then we made our way into ‘Nor-Khyil House’ restaurant to have some juicy ‘Steamed Chicken Momos’, delicious and mildly spicy, perfectly cooked ‘Pork Chilly’, yummy and succulent ‘Chicken & Veggies’ and ‘Chicken Shabale’ which is minced chicken stuffed under a thick crispy layer of flour. There’s also beef if you please. The food felt so good not just to the stomach wanting more but also to the pocket with every dish under Rs 200!


If your tummy’s full but your heart isn’t head to ‘The Big Apple’ where you can relish the distinct savouries of ‘Bhutani Thali’, ‘Nepalese Thali’ and ‘Tibetan Thali’ in veg or chicken as you like and some ‘Pineapple Beer’ to flush the goodness down and burp in contentment! Go in a group so you can have some from every thali.


Lastly wouldn’t you want to end this absolutely soul satisfying journey of Tibetan delicacies with some equally heart pleasing dessert! You can’t resist the warm vibes at ‘AMA Cafe’. So warm and cosy decorated lovingly with interesting tid bits and pictures of Himalayas and monks. Just spending time there felt so relaxed and the sheer awesomeness of their desserts was yet to arrive.

You can order anything from ‘Carrot Cinnamon Cake’, ‘Blueberry Cheesecake’, ‘Red Velvet’ to ‘Chocolate Walnut Brownie’…, everything’s going to make you lose your senses.


Oh yes, don’t forget to say good bye until you have their ‘Butter Tea’!

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Published by Geetanjali Prasad

For a decade or so, I worked as a television news reporter, producer and anchor and dabbled in genres like entertainment, business, real estate, sports and travel for different television channels. Currently since the last five years, I am taking care of the subject of climate change and green buildings by visual storytelling through digital platforms for an American organisation. I have started this blog purely for love of writing and pursuit of extraordinary stories (as the name suggests) by looking for people who have done immensely inspiring work or overcame situations that demanded exceptional grit and determination. I want to document and share these stories with the world in the hope that it motivates more people including me to be just a little kinder to everything and everyone (including animals & environment) around us, a bit more fearless to fight for what is right and the endurance to achieve what we envision.

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