Some Weird & Some Tolerable, Here’s What I Ate in China!

No matter how big an Asian cuisine aficionado you may claim to be but once in China, mark my words, you will certainly scratch your head in bewilderment once before ordering your dish and later when it arrives on the table. While unfortunately I couldn’t take pictures of the weird and crazy dishes as itContinue reading “Some Weird & Some Tolerable, Here’s What I Ate in China!”

No Google. No Social Media. Here’s How I Managed in China!

Blocked away from the world without social media or even google, China will test the traveller in you to its limits. Here’s what I did in my three week work stint! What I did in China is quite interesting because there’s nothing much I could do. First because I was on a hectic work tripContinue reading “No Google. No Social Media. Here’s How I Managed in China!”

Our DDLJ Weekend! ~ Gurdaspur, Punjab

Throw the backpack on your shoulder and give a break to your tick tock mechanical life. Forget the mountains or the sea, why not head to our very own Punjab ke khet!    It was the Independence Day long weekend and I was going to be in Delhi right before that for work, so IContinue reading “Our DDLJ Weekend! ~ Gurdaspur, Punjab”

The Great American Journey: Part 2 ~ West Coast

During my trip to the East Coast, I was advised by everyone to wait with bated breath till I reach America’s West Coast coz’ that’s where all the fun and madness begins. Indeed. Here’s an account of our terrific all girls trip! San Francisco SF is where I landed first, all excited and upbeat despite aContinue reading “The Great American Journey: Part 2 ~ West Coast”

The Great American Journey: Part 1 ~ East Coast

Honestly I had never imagined I would ever land up in the great US of A! Neither was I really inclined towards visiting the country nor did I think i’d save up enough to bear its high expenses and of course who’d go through the scary visa interview process. But land I did, totally unexpectedContinue reading “The Great American Journey: Part 1 ~ East Coast”

Love at Majnu Ka Tila!

Fall in love with every bite in these hidden bylanes of North Delhi I believe only real foodies can literally sniff out such hidden gems of gastronomical delights. Named after an Iranian sufi mystic Abdullah nicknamed Majnu during the reign of Sikander Lodhi, Majnu Ka Tila houses the Tibetan Refugee Colony and has some delectableContinue reading “Love at Majnu Ka Tila!”

If I Were Born With A Silver Spoon…

The Sheer Beauty of a Middle Class Upbringing! We lived and grew up in Hauz Khas, one of the poshest localities in Delhi, in one of those old houses with big terraces and verandah both at the entrance and the backyard where my grandfather would sit reading his newspaper soaking in the winter sun andContinue reading “If I Were Born With A Silver Spoon…”

Cast Away in Another World: Andaman Islands!

That overwhelming feeling that changes you which you thought happened only in fiction, actually does happen when you are in Andaman Islands Different people hold different views on the one’s who make travel their living. By that I do not mean they make a living by travelling but simply those who cannot fathom a lifeContinue reading “Cast Away in Another World: Andaman Islands!”

When it Rains on the Mountains and the Ocean!

India is truly a remarkably diverse land of natural beauty. Rain makes it even more beautiful. Here’s my account of careless showers on Sikkim and Andaman islands! The bewitching mountains of Sikkim! I stood bewitched gazing at Kachenjunga with thundering clouds as the background score to this perfect ideal scene in Gangtok. Nestled in theContinue reading “When it Rains on the Mountains and the Ocean!”