Stories of the extraordinary humans!

‘Pursuit Of Extraordinary’ attempts to tell stories of champions making a real difference to the lives of fellow humans, animals or our planet. Could be all three! These are the tales that touch the heart and inspire us to be a better person for ourselves and everyone around.

You will also read about people who have overcome mountains of obstacles and achieved the phenomenal. And people who are wanderers and bewitch us with their experiences from around the world.

Stories of Success

As part of the ‘Smart Cities’ series that I created for a channel, I interviewed Architect Hafeez Contractor. Here was a person on camera incredibly fearless and brutally honest. The man who has changed the skyline of Mumbai with his building designs, bares his heart out on the corruption in bureaucracy, love for his country and rise to success with sheer dedication & determination.

Stories of Humanity

I conceptualised this documentary series. Along with the team at GBCI India, we created these videos narrating stories of 5 exceptional individuals from 5 diverse remote corners of India in their own words. Their selfless and relentless work, compassion and innovation have come together to promote sustainability, benefitting not just the environment but livelihood in those rural areas too.

Stories of Exploration

I anchored and wrote some episodes of a series called ‘Carnivals of India’ for a travel channel. Adventure sports is one of my passion and this particular episode takes me through the adventures in the enchanting and mesmerising state of Sikkim. Adrenaline rush was at its peak and we did have our share of unexpected hurdles along the way to complete this shoot!

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