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While I was graduating in History (Hons. )from Jesus & Mary college, Delhi University, I was always on a look out to build my portfolio to get into a news channel after I finish studies, because that is where I always wanted to work. And so I didn’t leave a chance to write for a student’s newspaper, intern at Aaj Tak, do several media courses, learn a new language (that was Spanish), travel to Goa on an unreserved ticket just to assist on a short film and so on and so forth.

While I was graduating in History (Hons.) from Jesus & Mary College, Delhi University, I was always on a look out to build my portfolio to work in a news channel once I finish studies because television journalism is what I always wanted to do (I did love history too. Still). Whether it was writing for a student’s newspaper, interning with Aaj Tak, doing media courses, learning a new language (that was Spanish) or going to Goa on an unreserved train ticket just to assist on a short film, I didn’t leave any opportunity.

I came to Mumbai to do an internship with the newly launched Times Now (yes I worked with Arnab Goswami for 6 months!) as part of my post graduation in Journalism from Times School of Journalism and then never went back. Actually I did for a short while but came running back to this city of dreams (It literally is 😉

As luck would have it I landed my first job at NDTV, my dream organisation, the same channel where stalwart journalists I’ve been seeing on TV since childhood used to work! After 10 years of producing, anchoring and writing in best of television channels, I now make videos and write articles for US Green Building Council/ GBCI as their Associate Director in International Marketing based in Mumbai. The organisation works to make this planet a better place by certifying green buildings around the world. Personally, I strive for creative fulfilment which I have realised come from stories of people that leave the world spellbound.

It is for this reason that I finally started this blog to listen and share such tales of super humans who are nothing but extraordinary in their achievements, courage, grit and compassion. I am seeking those fearless individuals who stand strong for what is right even when the universe seems to go against them and even those who have selflessly contributed to humanity, animals or our planet.

This blog is purely my quest to be (and help others be) inspired, motivated and be a little kinder than we all are. To share positivity and the fact that nothing phenomenal is impossible and it might just salvage what we are left with as a race.

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